1. joshhasty08 says

    Hey bust his ass officer!!

  2. The Badass says


  3. Trufflemaster says

    That scream at 0:24

  4. RebelSandGaming says

    Born in africa made in america

  5. Řëdhead Bëdheađ says


  6. Dexter King says

    Well at least he had the “BALLS” to get em big balls 😂

  7. Petru Cristian Negrea says

    Only fucking Randy

  8. Mr. L says

    This is only in the top five of stupid things he’s done

  9. bacon like guset says

    Big balls

  10. Super yoshi Kyle says

    Randy South Park

  11. Kaylee Ward says
  12. Roger Felipe says


  13. Real Slim says

    Best part of this episode is when all the guys get cancer and are going down the street bouncing on their balls like a hippity hop 😂😂😂

  14. 橋本亜門 says


  15. Randy Marsh says

    "1 ounce of purple lurple, 2 ounces of fishermen's friend and a half ounce of Alabama Kush!"

  16. jairo lorenzo says

    Randy by lil the best character in South Park along with profesor chaos

  17. Carl Freericks says

    Sigh Randy might be crazier than Eric cartman

  18. The Plushies says

    Do they show that on television?

  19. GHOSTBOY 64 says

    No nut november in a NUTshell

  20. Speedy Chicken says

    This epidoe is based off a reall person with massive balls. Its on YouTube just search up uk tlc balls huge.

  21. gor9027 says

    I still can’t believe South Park was able to get away with showing his balls LOL.

  22. Griffin Peter says


  23. Kris The Lightener says

    SSSSSCOREEEEEE nice line

  24. The Senate says

    I don't hear the Scottish part or whatever, Still hilarious tho

  25. Howling Burd19 says

    One of the best parts in this episode is when his balls get so big they can’t even get through the door xD

  26. salem Duran says

    2 oz. Fishermans friend

  27. Dennis Morris says

    Southpark nails it

  28. Chris Smiley says

    What episode

  29. Faze Scream says

    There should be a scream episode

  30. Louis Cypher says


  31. arashi says

    When le dices a tu mama que se calle

  32. Harry Callahan says

    randy is california, colorado and mass, jimbo is everyone else

  33. Nikki Brown says
  34. Jacob Scherrenberg says

    Those are some nuts.

  35. soner bekarTR says


  36. Nigel Straw says

    Greg Zuerlein

  37. Saphira Winters says


  38. daniel buijs says

    Me when I get my medical marijuana card

  39. Nostalgic Dave says

    Bust his ass arfficer!

  40. i have problems lol

  41. Nasaruddin Zainalabidin says

    i don fell my legs and balls now

  42. God says

    Oh myself…

  43. Trev Tall10 says

    Reminds me of Viz 's Buster Gonad

  44. McGregAThen :-/ says

    I want my prescription 😉😂😂😣😣😥😥

  45. Martha Olga Barbosa Martins says


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